Samsung CCTV Cameras

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Samsung CCTV Cameras

Samsung has a range of  CCTV cameras that act as an effective deterrent against illegal activities.

snb-8000_fs1Box/Zoom CCTV Cameras

Samsung box/zoom cameras feature high megapixel sensors with cutting-edge features like WDR which provides a clear picture even in environments with strong backlighting. Their high visibility design also acts as an effective deterrent against illegal activities.



sno-7084r_image1Bullet CCTV Cameras

Samsung Bullet Network Cameras feature IR Leds that provide a clear high-resolution images in a variety of lighting conditions.



snd-7084_fDome CCTV Cameras

Dome cameras are an attractive solution for many locations with high quality image, compact size and low power consumption.



snd-7084r_f-1IR Dome CCTV Cameras

All the features of Samsung Dome cameras with the added benefit of IR which provides clear images in a variety of lighting conditions.


snd-7084r_fDome Vandal-Resistant CCTV Cameras

Samsung Dome Vandal-Resistant security cameras meet the highest level of international standards – EN62262, for protecting equipment against external mechanical impacts. Tampering Detection alerts you to camera redirection or sabotage.



IR Dome Vandal-Resistant CCTV Cameras

Featuring all the robust security features of Samsung Vandal-Resistant Domes, the IR Vandal-Resistant Domes offer the added benefit of image visibility in any lighting condition.



snf-8010vm_f2Fisheye CCTV Cameras

Fisheye cameras provide high resolution panoramic images covering whole sections. Their unique positioning eliminates blind spots and allows for fewer cameras per area.



PTZ CCTV Cameras

PTZ cameras are ideal for most outdoor areas with environmental protection options and pan-tilt-zoom functionality.



snp-6320rh_fIR PTZ CCTV Cameras

IR PTZ offers all the benefits of standard PTZ cameras with the added functionality of visibility without need for any lighting.