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Samsung CCTV

Samsung CCTV Surveillance systems incorporate over 30 years of accumulated technological innovation to produce some of the world’s best security cameras, recorders and software solutions.

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Samsung CCTV Surveillance systems incorporate over 30 years of accumulated technological innovation to produce some of the world’s best security cameras, recorders and software solutions.

Samsung imaging technology plays an important role in protecting the safety and happiness of people around the world by providing a comprehensive range of products and complete solutions ranging from large-scale city surveillance to the protection of airports, ports and industrial facilities.

Samsung Security Cameras are available in a wide range of body styles including box, bullet, dome, fisheye and ptz. This allows customers to tailor the right equipment mix to suit any unique surveillance application setting. Most models are also available in a range of enhanced variants incorporating infrared night-visionvandal-resistance and IP66 outside environmental protection.

Samsung NVRs feature easy to use plug & play connectivity while supporting up to 64 cameras per unit.

Lenses, Controllers, Mounts and Housings are available as part of a wide range of genuine accessory options to further enhance the versatility and application possibilities for Samsung security camera systems.

wisenet-features-061Wide Range of Resolutions

The WiseNet III and WiseNet Lite range of network cameras includes VGA (640 x 480), 1.3megapixel HD and 3megapixel (2048 x 1536) Full HD cameras and domes, making it possible to select the right transmission quality for each unique application.


wisenet-features-011Samsung Super Light Enhancer

WiseNet III range cameras incorporate SSLE, Samsung Super Light Enhancer technology, which produces great colour images in low light conditions.


wisenet-features-021Wide Dynamic Range

The WDR technology compensates for backlight problems effectively, by applying an optimum fusion ratio when combining the short exposure (high shutter speed exposure) method used in bright areas and the long exposure (low shutter speed exposure) method used in dark areas.


wisenet-features-15Samsung Super Noise Reduction

Useful in low light conditions, this technology eliminates image noise without creating image blur or ghosting. The technology works in colour and monochrome modes, greatly enhancing low light colour operation.



Defog can be used to help improve the captured image in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog The visibility of the cameras can be enhanced in any weather condition.


wisenet-features-19Samsung Super Dynamic Range

Useful in high contrast or backlight scenes SSDR automatically brightens the dark areas whilst maintaining the brighter areas at the same level. This ensures that the dark areas become more viewable allowing the operator to view objects in the shadows.


wisenet-features-051P-Iris Lens Support

The P-Iris system optimizes the iris function when multiple lighting conditions exist in a single scene resulting in images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. Especially effective in megapixel cameras such as the WiseNet III series providing increased image sharpness.


wisenet-features-041Digital Image Stabilisation

Previously only seen in analogue CCDs, Samsung’s new WiseNet III CMOS sensor now incorporates Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology to negate the effects of a camera shaking due to high winds or building vibration. This also greatly reduces the rolling shutter effects such as image wobbling or skew that can be seen in high quality images.


wisenet-features-18Region of Interest

Samsung’s smart codec technology allow the network cameras to be programmed to capture in greater detail the real ROI, such as moving objects, human faces, doors or windows than the remainder of the scene. This smart codec feature produces lower data sizes while clearly highlighting the ROI.


wisenet-features-091-1Intelligent Video Analytics

Intelligent video analytics can be used for efficient monitoring. Motion Detection detects any change occurring in predefined fields of view. Face Detection detects up to 32 faces in the scene. (Dis)Appear detects the movement of an object in a predefined area. Virtual Line/Enter/Exit detects an object crossing a line or areas in predefined areas. Audio Detection detects any abnormal sound by volume. Tampering Detection detects and automatically alerts when a cameras field of view is changed.


wisenet-features-111Simple Focus

Simple focus, Samsung’s automatic focus technology allows the camera to move the image sensor’s position in box cameras, while in dome cameras a motorized varifocal lens with a remote control function will control these adjustments.


wisenet-features-081Multi-Crop Streaming

The streaming of multiple images (Multi-streaming) has now become smarter with WiseNet III’s high 60fps frame rate. Users can highlight/crop the scene of interest and the camera only sends the images within that area at a preferred resolution and frame rate.