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Cloud PBX Explained

In very simple terms, a hosted, cloud or virtual pbx is a system that terminates over IP (Internet Protocol), or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). All you need is a network point and off you go.

With the advent of fibre, this is an increasingly popular and preferred service. The customer of today demands quality from their service providers. Your first point of contact is usually telephonic. You need to make it count. Stability and uptime is key.

There are a few things to consider when going the hosted route, get in touch with us to view your options.

A New Way to Look at Virtual PBX

Consensus’s Hosted PBX service has minimal setup costs, and it only takes a few hours to configure. You’ll never have to worry about purchasing expensive hardware again, and getting stuck with the wrong system will be a thing of the past.

Hosted pbx Details

This Is How We VOIP It

Hosted PBX Signal Yellow

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Voice over LTE is a very popular method as a voice service these days. Making up a good 90% of all Hosted or Cloud Service voice solutions. Whilst LTE is fantastic, you can’t beat fibre. For this reason, if we can get fibre, we generally use LTE as a temporary solution until the fibre arrives

Hosted PBX Signal Yellow

Fibre to the Business

Fibre to the business is most definitely the first choice for voice and data. Once your fibre has been delivered, there is no better solution for voice and data. Your fibre line will also be split to allow dedicated bandwidth for your calls. What this means is, your calls won’t be effected by data usage

Hosted PBX Cost Saving piggy

Cost Savings

When moving your pbx into the cloud, expect a 30-40% reduction on call costs. With this solution there is also no hardware to be installed at your premises, no hardware, no technician, this all leads to lower overall costs.

Hosted PBX Service


With cloud pbx, should any issues arise, they are all taken care of remotely. This means no waiting for a technician to get to you onsite. Your issues are dealt with swiftly and sometimes without you even knowing.

Hosted PBX Energy Saving

Energy Saving

With your services now terminating over the internet, there is now only one network point powering your pc and your phone. This is a guaranteed saving on your electricity bill and once again reducing your carbon footprint. Every little bit counts.

Hosted PBX Feature Rich

Feature Rich

Most features on a cloud pbx can be added with the flick of a switch, Need voice logging, no problem, need call waiting, no problem, need telephone management, no problem. Whilst all of these features are a major bonus’s going cloud, the handsets are pretty nifty too. Most having LCD displays, making life very easy.

Hosted PBX Flexible


Need to move office? No problem, unplug your network point, pick up your handset and plug in at your new office. No costly setup as you see with relocating an onsite pbx. Same goes for adding or subtracting staff, just do it, no issues, no wasted costs, no wasted hardware. Scale app and scale down at will.

Hosted PBX Reduced Carbon

Reduced Carbon

With no hardware onsite, there is no need for a technician to drive to your place of business, attend to your issues and then drive back to the office. This reduces your carbon footprint. Cloud pbx solutions also guarantee a reduction in electricity usage. Save costs and save the earth.

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