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Managed Document Services

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What is managed document services?

Managed document services (MDS) are services provided by external parties to optimise and manage an organisation’s document infrastructure and workflow for both printed and electronic documents.

MDS is closely related to managed print services (MPS) and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Typically, “managed document services” carries the broader meaning of referring to both print and electronic documents. However, as MPS has evolved over the years, it also includes electronic information and workflows. This is why MPS and MDS are so closely linked.

Analyst firm IDC refers to the market as “managed print and document services” rather than “managed print services” to reflect the growing trend towards services that manage electronic as well as printed documents.

Why Managed document services


Manage all organisational content throughout its lifecycle including acquisition, filing access control, routing – using BPM (Business Process Management) – and archiving.


Automate resource-intensive processes by configuring workflows that perform specific actions at appropriate times


Apply workflow technology to content related processes in order to standardise and optimise them.


Ensure that appropriate actions on submitted forms are taken quickly with user defined approval processes and task lists.


Flexible document capture ‘middleware’ designed to sit between the multifunctional device and document management system.


Auto detection of multiple barcode types. 1D and 2D barcodes supported as well as the writing of electronic barcodes on electronic documents. Metadata may also be extracted.

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