Managed IT Services

With Consensus’s Managed IT Services, our philosophy is simple. We care about your IT environment as much as you do.

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Transform your organisation with end to end infrastructure management.

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Free up resources, proactively manage your IT, control your IT costs.

Simplify your IT management by having Consensus take complete responsibility for all or part of your IT services.

Let our team of local, certified engineers monitor, maintain and optimise your IT infrastructure.

Managed IT’s proactive, outcomes focused approach and comprehensive reporting will provide your organisation full visibility and absolute confidence.

Six core elements for an effective Managed IT Service.

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Existing IT Department? No problem.

At Consensus we partner with you to leverage your current investment. Working with your existing IT resources we identify and implement strategies that drive business outcomes.

Let Consensus engage with your existing resources and provide coaching, mentoring and support to help your organisation achieve more.


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What We Cable

Network points, wifi boosters, cctv and pbx installations, you name it, we can cable it. It is a good idea to clean up your network every once in a while to ensure everything is working at optimal levels.

Your network carries your business. A badly cabled network experiences major issues with productivity and uptime. Don’t get caught out, these things take time to implement. Last minute solutions will not work.

Get in touch with us for a free LAN Audit to ensure your network is running at its’ peak

Benefits to Proper Cabling

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No Clutter

Clutter on the network creates heavy lags and drops in your connection. It also looks terrible and if there are issues, can make it very difficult to pin point them. If you have clutter, let us clean it up.

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Peak performance = High productivity. Staff love it when things just work and they can get on with it. Keep your network running constantly at its’ peak. Boosted productivity means a healthier bottom line and happier customers. 

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A well cabled network drastically increases performance and ensures your network is running at optimal levels. This is the back bone of your business, make sure it is always running at it’s best.

Wireless Local Area Network

We work on small and large wireless LAN projects. Our projects include a complete facility site survey using site surveying tools, LAN design, and LAN equipment installation and maintenance

Let Our Wireless Networking Solutions help you stay connected with our many wireless products.

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With zero-touch cloud based provisioning, all the access points, firewalls and switches in your various sites can be entirely configured and managed remotely, making for a faster deployment and better experience.

Deep analytics and visibility enable us re-configure your network before there are problems and to predict new changes. We manage this in the background, engaging only where and when you need it. Deploying new policies, such as security patches or user profiles, happens almost immediately.

Service Elements

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Through deep location analytics we provide unmatched levels of insight into physical patterns: traffic, users and behaviour. We also provide the ability at each site to manage guest access, manage omni-channel advertising or deeper client engagement.

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Seamless cloud connectivity: high capacity, high performance and control for every user at every site.

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We manage security from the cloud, with remotely deployed provisioning, automatic synchronisation of security policies and BYOD that actually works.