Managed Print Services

With Managed Print Services (MPS), you can gain visibility and control of your entire document environment

Consensus Managed Printing Services

What is managed print services?

Managed print services (MPS) are services provided by external parties to optimise and manage an organisation’s print infrastructure and document output.

Consensus’s MPS takes a holistic approach to improving the enterprise print architecture. We help you by aligning devices with your business mission and taking care of their day-to-day management with proactive and predictive service to ensure optimal uptime. Once in place, the managed environment becomes a conduit to unify print and digital information for streamlined processes and workflow. You’ll benefit with fewer devices, fewer pages, lower costs and improved knowledge worker productivity.

MPS is closely related to managed document services (MDS) and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Typically, “managed document services” carries the broader meaning of referring to both print and electronic documents. However, as MPS has evolved over the years, it also includes electronic information and workflows. This is why MPS and MDS are so closely linked. 



Track, analyse, allocate and recover the cost of every document sent by employees to any network printer, copier or multi functional device.


Copying and printing are controlled according to your own pre-determined print policies; policies that encourage and enforce appropriate access and use of your device fleet.


A complete expense management solution that allows organisations to effectively automate cost recovery and expense management processes.


Prevent confidential information being left unattended at communal print facilities – our innovative document release solution holds documents in a secure server and outputs them only when users authenticate themselves at the printer of their choice.