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Consensus is an end-to-end CCTV Solutions provider, capable of satisfying a wide range of security & surveillance applications.
We provide and support industry-leading solutions.

Knowing at any time what is going on at my business premesis is peace of mind that every entrepreneur needs. Don't waste your energy on worry, you have better things to do!

We specialize in:

IP & Analogue
Access Control
Intruder Detection

CCTV Security Solutions

Our CCTV Solutions & Security products have become a de facto for major international airports, schools, organisations, Government projects, industrial & Commercial facilities as well as small retailers and homes.

Crime prevention

In SA the rise in crime , specifically crime focused on business facilities, the need deffer criminals has become eminent. CCTV cameras that visible and working are great for this. You have to do what you can to protect your investment.

All our CCTV Solutions have remote viewing as a standard feature, accessable from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone and or laptop, you can always be present no matter wher you are.

Work like someone is watching. Studies have shown that employees in workplaces with CCTV cameras tend to be more productive. Time wasting due to socialising at the workplace can be cut by up to 80%. Managers and business owners can also focus on more productive ventures rather than moving around to ensure employees are doing their jobs.

Access Control

Biometric Terminals

Access Controllers

Readers and Scanners

CCTV Solution Products