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IT Service Company in South Africa

Consensus provides IT services for technology forward world we find ourselves in. Whether your teams are in-office, remote or in a hybrid work environment, we offer the IT services and solutions, risk management and guidance that you need

Businesses don’t just appear, they are not automatically successful, they are a product of hard work, passion, systems and drive. We at Consensus know this and remote working in it’s concept can sometimes seem like the blueprint for slacking, but with our curated IT solutions, this can be the opposite, It can translate into an increase in productivity, using our curated IT solutions software.

Remote Working

We need to find the right solution for remote working, we cannot struggle with niggling things like connectivity issues and lack of productivity. The need and call for work from home situations are ever increasing, so we need to make sure our companies can adapt and thrive in this movement: Our IT solutions can assist with:

  • Work from anywhere and keep productivity superior
  • Access your files quickly, on any device, with the latest versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Send emails to colleagues and customers, and keep track of important calendar appointments, with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange.
  • Create an open environment where your staff can chat, call each other, or conduct meetings thanks to Microsoft Teams
  • Establish a positive work culture that promotes employees to collaborate and share their ideas

Increase Productivity

Using multiple applications that require constant switching can be monotonous and inefficient. With our IT solutions, you can:

  • Access the files you need quickly and easily with OneDrive, without needing to enter your login details multiple times.
  • Manage your files from anywhere, even from your smartphone, using OneDrive Storage.
  • Keep track of conversations, important documents, tools and contacts with Microsoft Teams, saving time and increasing productivity.

…prevention is better than cure!

What is an IT Service Provider ?

The main function of IT services is to a monitoring agent of your IT infrastructure. We ensure the stability of systems and that they are operating optimally. We keep you updated with recommendations of updates, upgrades or possible repairs.

In conjunction with the management of daily system operations, IT service providers also provide discernments into security risks, and carry out protective measures against hackers and other threats to business networks.

it services offered by consensus

No business is a duplicate of the other, every business is unique, be that processes, problems of profit. Therefore each business comes with its own set of requirements, especially when it come to the technology they use. Consensus understand this and therefore we offer a wide range of IT services that can be packaged to suite your business.

Here are the key IT Services Consensus can outsource to your business:

Managed IT services
Our comprehensive technology management services cater to all your IT needs in the most convenient manner. Be it your business’ day-to-day requirements or facilitating a complete IT security overhaul, we have you covered with our strategic planning and execution.
Microsoft 365 Services
Our mission is to help your business get the most out of your Microsoft 365 subscription. We do this by keeping the service up to date, providing onboarding to familiarise you with all the empowering functionality 365 has to offer, and by providing a localised and familiar support service.
Microsoft Azure Services
Our team of certified Azure experts help you plan, migrate, and manage your workloads in the cloud.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Reliable and well-managed data backup and disaster recovery assistance will give you peace of mind when it comes to your data’s security and compliance needs.
IT Project Services
We ensure that your IT services are always in line with the best industry practices and are ready to meet your organisation’s goals. Our dedicated teams are continually honing a wide range of skills that cater to diverse IT projects such as cloud, Microsoft 365 and on-premises
IT Consulting
As an IT services consultancy, our virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) work with you to develop IT strategies and roadmaps. This puts them in the perfect position to prioritise your needs and drive your technological progress, holding external stakeholders accountable for delivery.
IT Audit
We offer IT audits on a regular basis, analysing your organisation’s technology systems and making sure that they meet your current and future needs. We document, review and measure your technology stack against our industry-aligned standard.
Cyber Security
Your business’ data is of utmost importance, and we make sure that you are secure by providing protection against online attacks and safeguarding your emails, files and sensitive information with the help of industry leading security solutions.
IT Support Our team of experts are a call or email away, ready to provide you with the best onsite and remote, offsite technical IT support, 24/7. You will also have access to your own control panel, making it even easier to submit and monitor service tickets.
Step into the future with IT Solutions from Consensus

If you have a business, then it is imperative that you will require a comprehensive IT solution. Those ever-irritating IT issues will be resolved, your efficiency will be improved, your data will be secure and you will maximise productivity. If you are looking for the most cost effective solution for your business, let us do a IT survey and give you the best solution available.

At Consensus, we provide the best solutions for large and small businesses. Our extensive experience and pioneering technologies will assist you in effectively running your day-to-day operations with knowing your IT infrastructure in safe, secure and fully functional.

Benefits of IT Solutions
Work Remotely while Increasing Productivity using Our IT Solutions

If your going to be spending money, you want to justify that unquantifiable amount to the benefits they pose.r

IT Solutions for Business
Remote working is not only made possible but it is streamlined to make it
possible for any person to do. This will increase productivity and improve interaction.
Remote working is not only made possible but it is streamlined to make
it possible for any person to do. This will increase productivity and improve interaction.
Cyber safety: Knowing your data is safe from external cyber threat
Streamline and digitise your business process to always know at what stage
any process is. This too, has risks but can be mitigated with Multi-Factor-Authentication.
Knowledge is power and therefore our analytics patterns and AI will assist in
understanding and improving processes to maximise your profitability.

…prevetion is better than cure!

  • We know that as a business owner you would have certain expectations from any IT solution, expectations are only met with quantitative information, we provide this with bi-annual reviews and strategy sessions. Progress is the true measure off success. This is what we aim to achieve.
  • Digital Transformation
  • Manual paperwork was for our parents – procure the benefits of digitising your business processes. Benefits of digitisation include:
  • Saving time, and paperwork, by digitising paper-based documents, with the help of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Forms.
  • Conducting surveys, polls, questionnaires and more with ease thanks to Microsoft Forms. Gather, view, and analyse the data in a few minutes, from wherever you are, and on whichever device you’re using.
  • Automating day-to-day repetitive tasks with Microsoft Power Automate. Instead of spending time on non-revenue generating tasks, you can now focus on business tasks that need your attention.
  • Accessing all of your tools in one place thanks to Microsoft Teams’ third-party application integrations.
  • Cloud Migration
    • Cloud migration is imperative for any business. The process of moving all data to the cloud is of vital importance and here is why?
  • Cloud Security
    • Data protection by professionals, Cloud security keeps your data both private and safe from cyberthreats such as malware, phishing and ransomware.
  • Analytics & AI
    • Microsoft MyAnalytics helps you understand your work habits and patterns. It provides detailed information on how you spend your work time and who you spend it with. This information will help you understand your current patterns and improve your productivity.

Let us arrange an onsite evaluation of your current infrastructure and give our recommendations.

The customised outcome will assist us in quoting you on the best system for your business